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Gambling is a game like many others. The only difference is that there are no magic formulas or numbers to predict the result. You play to win, for the thrill of the challenge, for a thousand other reasons. Like any other entertainment, it has its price: sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. But when the game ceases to be a choice, when you happen to be reproached for insisting too long or betting too much money, when you create problems with friends, with loved ones because of the game, when you neglect your hobbies and your work …

Then know that the game ceases to be fun, to become an obligation, an addiction that over time leads to losing money, friends, family and self-confidence.

In order not to reach this point, there are some rules to be respected:

• Never play if you are tired, depressed or sick, worried about romantic, family or school problems.
• Only play with amounts of money that you have allocated for leisure and entertainment.
• Define the maximum amount you want to play before the game starts. Leave your credit cards at home. The amounts bet should be in a reasonable relationship with your salary.
• Don’t try to win back what you’ve lost. Very often, if the risk is increased, the losses are also increased.
• During the game, take some rest, relax, eat something at the restaurant, treat yourself to a drink.

Have you often spent much more than what you had set for yourself?
Did you happen to hide your gaming activity from people close to you?
If you answered at least one of the two questions with a yes, you are probably a player at risk of gambling addiction.
At this point ask to speak with our internal specialist or contact the network of external specialists directly.

Information flyer (PDF)

Voluntary exclusion request letter

For more information: – Tel (from CHE): 0800 000 330 – Tel (from ITA) +39 3393674668



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