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Federal Data Protection Law and EU Regulation 2016/679

CASINÒ LUGANO SA, with registered offices at Via Stauffacher 1, CH-6901 Lugano, as the Data Controller (hereinafter, “DATA CONTROLLER”), wishes to inform you that your data will be processed using the following methods and for the following purposes in accordance with the Federal Data Protection Law (DPL).

1. Object of the Data Processing
The Data Controller will process your personal data, such as: first name, surname, telephone number, email address and, only if provided by you in your message, special data regarding allergies and food intolerances.
This information sheet makes generic reference to your DATA to indicate all the personal data provided by you.

2. Purpose of the Data Processing
With your express consent, the processing of your DATA is necessary in order to fulfil a service contract, for the following purposes:
a. Queries and/or reservations at the “Elementi” Restaurant;
b. Storing of your data in order to ensure an adequate response in the event of any subsequent queries and/or reservations.

3. Processing Methods
Your DATA will be processed on paper and electronically and/or automatically.
Your data will be stored for 36 months.

4. Automated Decision-making Process
The data subject will not be subjected to decisions based on automated data processing in accordance with article 22 of EU Regulation 2016/679.

5. Data Access
For the purposes covered by this information sheet, your data will be made available to the Data Controller’s assistants, in their role as authorised data processors.

6. Data Disclosure
For the purposes covered by this information sheet, the Data Controller may disclose your data to:
• Public Administrations, Judicial Authorities, the Federal Commission and to all those parties to which disclosure is mandatory by law for the fulfilment of the abovementioned purposes. Said parties shall process the data as independent Data Controllers.
• To third-party companies or other subjects (such as partners of the Data Controller, technical facilities), which provide outsourced services to the Data Controller, in their role as external data processors, acting as independent Data Controllers.
Your data will not be circulated.

7. Data Transfer
Your data is stored on servers located in Switzerland.
It remains understood that the Data Controller, where necessary, will also have the authority to transfer the data outside Switzerland. In that case, the Data Controller guarantees as of now that the data transfer outside Switzerland will take place in accordance with applicable law (article 6, DPL).

8. Nature of the Data Conferral
The conferral of data for the purposes described in this information sheet is mandatory. We cannot guarantee the provision of the services requested if said data is not provided.

9. Rights of the Data Subject
As the data subject, you can exercise your rights under the Federal Data Protection Law and EU Regulation 2016/679. As regards the processing of your personal data, you particularly have the right to ask the Data Controller to confirm whether or not it has processed personal data regarding you, to request access to, rectification or erasure of said personal data, to object to processing or to make a complaint to the competent authority.

10. Methods for Exercising Rights
You can exercise your rights at any time by sending:
• a recorded letter to Casinò Lugano SA, Via Stauffacher 1, CH-6901 Lugano
• an email to
• or by accessing the website of the Federal Data Protection and Transparency Office

11. Data Protection Officer
The D.P.O. for Casinò Lugano SA is:
Security Lab Advisory Sagl
Viale Stefano Franscini 17,
6900 Lugano,



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