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The first gaming room in Lugano dates back to 1804, the games were: “biribisso”, “bassetta” and craps.

In 1885 the Lugano Theatre was founded, a building used for music and theatrical performances, dance parties and shows. In 1912 it obtained the licence for small games and in 1922 the name was changed to Casino Kursaal. In 1970 the Municipality became the largest shareholder; 22 years later slot machines were introduce in addition to the traditional “boule”.

In 1993 “big games” were introduced in Switzerland and the gaming house obtained the type “A” license until, on 29th November 2002, Casinò Lugano SA opened its doors. The current shareholding of the Casinò Lugano is: 67% by the Municipality, 29% by Casinos Austria Swiss and the rest by some small private shareholders. 2014 saw the first restyling and 2018, after the closure of the nearby Casinò Campione, saw the second and the final stages of this extraordinary history dating back 200 years.

Since 2020 Casinò Lugano has expanded its gaming offer, improved its building to become even more comfortable and from March 2021 it is officially on line with its game platform


At the cash desk

Before and after the win
Everything you need to know about withdrawals and deposits.



Three ATM machine are available in the Casino: one in the Hall, one at the level zero under the escalators and one on the first floor near the escalators. It is possible to withdraw cash at the three cash desks, one on each floor. All major credit/ATM cards are accepted. The casino does not charge any additional fees. The withdrawal limits are set by the respective banks.

Credit Cards
At the cash desk, it is possible to charge VISA and MASTERCARD credit cards.

Currency Exchange
At Casinò Lugano, it is possible to exchange foreign currency (EUR, USD, GBP) at the daily exchange rate. The gaming tables provide the opportunity to exchange EUR banknotes directly into gambling chips in the European currency.


Tokens Account
Customers can deposit their winnings (minimum 10,000 CHF) at the Casino by opening a free tokens account.


The Casinò Lugano can arrange for the liquidation in cash of any amount both in CHF and in EUR, alternatively the following services are available for the collection of credits:

CHF checks issued by Casinò Lugano SA for amounts ≥ 10,000;
EUR transfers issued by Casinò Lugano SA for amounts ≥ 10,000.

There is also the possibility, as already mentioned, to proceed with the opening of deposit accounts to which customers can access at any time, without any management fee, during the Casino’s opening hours.

Finally, please note that, in compliance with the regulations in force, Casinò Lugano SA, DOES NOT issue claims of winnings with respect to any collection of credits made by customers.


Casinò Lugano

Weekly hours:
Sunday – Thursday 12pm – 4am
Friday – Saturday 12pm – 5am


Free Parking

Free Valet Parking service for all guests. Parking in Piazza Castello, Campo Marzio and Balestra is also available.


At Casinò Lugano is it possible to play on the slot machines and at the table in Euros and Swiss Francs.

Free Entry

Free entry with Lugano Class or accepted docs for over 18 and not subject to exclusion from the game. Pets are not allowed.

+41 91 973 7111

*The numbers of Slot Machines and Jackpots may be subject to variations

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