Free valet parking service

Leave your car in our plaza, and we’ll take care of everything. The municipal multi-storey car park is also available just a stone’s throw away from our casino

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Before and after you win

Everything you need to know about withdrawals and deposits. All the convenient, fast and free options we offer, both before and after you play

Withdrawals and deposits

Free bar and cloakroom


In Lugano the extras come free*

*Casinò Lugano offers all members of Club CashCard free soft drinks and cloakroom use

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Free Internet


In all rooms

A reliable, safe and trustworthy Internet connection based on a secure SMS login system, allowing you to browse the web throughout the casino. Never lose your connection!

Live sporting events


Enjoy all the sport that matters

You can watch all live sporting events in comfort on our TV screens in both the smoking and non-smoking areas

Experience the fun


Fancy booking a top night out?

Enjoy total relaxation and entertainment by booking one of our Smart Packs, choosing the offer that best suits your needs

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