In 2014 the casino rose to face new challenges in the most major and ambitious restyling carried out since the new gaming rooms opened in 2002. The aim of this project was to improve the quality of the facilities offered by Casinò Lugano and to expand the gaming area, seeking to stand out from the competition and further emphasise its leading position both within the canton and worldwide in terms of the welcome given and the excellence and flexibility of the service.

The entire operation was summed up perfectly by the tagline chosen for the occasion, which translated as “Let’s get back in the game”. The spirit with which we tackled this new challenge was also felt by our guests, reminding us that increasingly the human factor and an ability to quickly meet players’ needs have to be our strong points.

As well as being immediately noticeable to our clients, the project also has enormous future potential. It is the modern, high-tech and extremely comfortable environment that makes the experience at our casino unforgettable.

As well as the gaming experience, the restyling also improved the bar and restaurant facilities. In fact, our in-house restaurant Elementi is now one of the best-loved and most renowned in Lugano. As mentioned above, the bars too, available on every floor, are now better-known and of higher quality.

One of the complex's main strong points is without doubt the new events room on Level II. This multipurpose space designed for company meetings, formal dinners and private events then transforms at the weekend into our brand-new poker room.

It is clear that the restyling has given our casino a new lease of life, without losing sight of our long-standing tradition.