Menù Snacks

Snacks menu, delightful and delicious


In addition to the restaurant Elementi, in our bar you can enjoy now: mega burger with Swiss beef, fries, maxi club sandwiches, grilled chicken burgers and many other delicacies

Cooked at the moment


The chef will prepare your snacks at the time

Our products are not pre-cooked as in the fast-food, the quality is the highlight of our snacks menu. The whole food is freshly cooked by our chef

Quantity as well as quality


Maxi portions for everyone

You'll also be amazed by the abundance of courses, mega sandwiches, super portions: in addition to quality also the quantity

How tasty!


We bet you cannot do without anymore!

The goodness of our dishes is daily recognized by all our guests

The "construction" of a mega burger

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