Slot for all tastes

The Casino of Lugano offers a wide range of slot games, most people will recognize the classic Super Cherry, but always found the most successful automated Roulette, Poker Swiss, and the new Super Gaminator.

Much appreciated by the new multilevel 2 cents to 5 cents, which put in the running for 4 Jackpot at the same time: the same machine makes it possible to win more prizes of different levels of winning and individual player slots increases the maximum jackpot on the island.

Another interesting innovation is the new low-denomination slots, which offer customers a more fun game thanks to the opportunity to bet on multiple lines for the same stake. An area on the first floor was named "Max Bet Corner" because it consists of 6 high-denomination slots (5 CHF): four "Super Cherry" and two "Super Gaminator.

In its proposal for more than 400 classic slots and the latest generation, the Casino of Lugano, there are two main types of base:


- The slot machine. In this one, which is the category most famous, include the classic slot machine, those referred to when thinking about the machine that works through a mechanism to roll (reel mechanism). Each slot has a dependency of the game, three to a maximum of nine reels. On the side of the machine is possible in some models, still find the famous and evocative lever to pull down. The lever in the new generation of slot machines, retains its original function, being coupled to the button on the front of the machine called the start or spin button.

- The video machine. They are available in various types, with the only constant represented by rollers virtual on-screen on the front of the machine on which you receive the course of the game. The advantage of these video machines, unlike the classic slot machines, is offering an additional set of items and game features, enhancing the pleasure of playing. Examples are small animations with multiple color effects, which often add additional items to bet.