Q: Where can I park for convenient access to the Casino of Lugano?
A: Casino Lugano offers all guests a complimentary valet parking, which can leave the car directly in front of the casino. More information is available here.

Q: At the Casino Lugano you use the cashless system: what is it?
A: This is a way to play the slot where every win is recorded and credited to an electronic card, where you can download and collect the accumulated credits at the time of the output. More information is available here.

Q: What is a CashCard?
A: The CashCard is the easiest and fastest way to access the rooms of the casino and start playing. This is a personal e-card on which you can collect your winnings, and thanks to which you can enjoy exclusive benefits such as an identification process more rapid, the accumulation of bonus redeemable for cash, participate in exclusive jackpots and the chance purchases at discounted prices from partner companies. All for free. More information is available here.

Q: What measures Casino Lugano in terms of responsible gaming?
A: Casino Lugano has within its staff specialists and also works with a network of external specialists. More information is available here.

Q: I have found this page in the answer: who do I contact?
A: For more information, please contact us using the data presented in the contact section. We are always available for our guests to provide answers and solutions in line with their needs.