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cc-reserve-smallCasinò Lugano is the first casino in Switzerland to offer a quick and effective radio-frequency identification system using a simple card. We wanted to offer our clients the easiest and most convenient way of accessing our games whilst complying with current Swiss legislation, and so we designed the CashCard, which offers speedy access to the gaming rooms via an electronic card reader at the entrance. This means that once you have registered for Club CashCard you will no longer be asked to present a traditional form of ID every time you visit, nor will you have to wait at reception for your identity to be verified. All you have to do is swipe your CashCard at the entrance to the slot machine room on Level 0, and in a few seconds you'll be in! To take advantage of this exclusive and free service, when filling in your application form you will have to show a valid form of ID (passport or identity card) and provide your consent for the required details to be recorded on the Casinò Lugano computer system. Every time you return, our staff will then be able to recognise you and grant you access in no time at all. Casinò Lugano guarantees that the personal data you provide for this procedure will be processed in full compliance with the strict Swiss privacy legislation. Privacy is one of the casino’s core values; indeed, Casinò Lugano’s computer system is currently one of the most secure in the world.



Casinò Lugano doesn't just offer you a card that speeds up the identification process: signing up for a CashCard also gives you access to other perks. All the slot machines, with the exception of virtual horse racing and electronic roulette, are set up so with your CashCard you accumulate points based on the amount you spend. This can then be converted into cash at the casino cash desks once you reach a minimum of 35,000 points, as shown in the following table:

Points accumulated: CHF received:
35,000 20
70,000 40
105,000 60
And so on!


Accumulating points is very simple. Simply insert your CashCard into the appropriate slot on each slot machine. You will then be able to see the total number of points you have accumulated, based on the number of wagers placed, on a digital screen on the slot machine itself.

Points accumulated are valid for two (2) years, as follows: points accumulated during the current year will expire on 31/12 of the following year.



There are three different types of card for members of Club CashCard, depending on the number of points accumulated when gaming during the year.

Green CashCard: From 0 to 219,999 points
Red CashCard: From 220,000 to 2,189,999 points
Black CashCard: 2,190,000 points and above


Each card offers a range of constantly updated benefits to the holder. Casinò Lugano regularly checks the points accumulated and offers upgraded cards where necessary.


Casinò Lugano rewards the loyalty of its Club CashCard members by giving them the opportunity to take part in a jackpot solely for CashCard holders. Electronic roulette, virtual horse racing and the roulette slot machines do not count towards the CashCard jackpot.


But the perks don't end there: for all CashCard holders the cloakroom service and all soft drinks served at the casino’s bars are completely free of charge.

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